On November 7th 2012 I was involved in a serious head on car collision resulting in severe Pelvic and hip trauma, as well as broken bones in my right foot, eight broken ribs, a punctured lung and deep lacerations to both knees.

In 2013 with excess time on my hands and limited mobility to do anything that involved ┬ámoving around I first explored the idea of ‘blogging’. Writing was something I could do from the confines of bed or chair and documenting my aspirations to fully recover back an active life lost, would give me a purpose until I could resume work again in the great outdoors.

Naively I had not realised that while in the process of an insurance claim (even when you are the innocent party) your life is not your own and therefore every aspect of that life is under scrutiny with or without your knowledge. I was advised against any activity, virtual or otherwise that would jeopardise ‘my case’!

My years of gardening previous to that terrible day have stood me in good stead and rather like the ‘veggies’ growing in my kitchen garden my journey back has seen success and disappointment in equal measure!

A long time coming but finally I can post freely. This is my blog!